Drupal Development

Interested in how we work? Find out what’s good to know when working with Ixis.

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Usually, our work starts with a health check of an existing drupal site.  If it's a fresh build, or a migration project, we begin with a discovery of your requirements and create a blueprint for how we will manage the project.  

Ixis are an experienced UK based Drupal development agency who have built a diverse range of websites and modules for a variety of organisations from FTSE 100 companies to SME's and Public Sector Organisations.

Don't re-invent the wheel

Ixis build upon their years of Drupal configuration experience to ensure we know what existing modules can be combined and configured to produce either exactly what you need, or as close as possible at a fraction of the cost of custom developed Drupal modules.

Contribute the work back

By benefiting from the use of open source software we think it's only fair that anything re-usable from your project can be shared for the benefit of others by contributing it back to the Drupal community.  This helps everyone as you might benefit from others improving your original features.

Everything but the kitchen sink

We know what Drupal does well; but we also know when to avoid making it do everything.  Sometimes it's better to keep that existing large single sign-on or CRM system elsewhere in your business and let us perform the integration with Drupal using a custom module.