FILLED: Senior Drupal Support Technician Position

Come and join our well established UK team as a senior Drupal support technician. We support interactive sites and applications of all kinds, so every client can offer different challenges and solutions each month. You'll have the opportunity to be involved with projects ranging from international brands, enterprise public sector organisations through to charities and media sites. We also run several internal projects which you'll have chance to provide input and development for if you wish - this is where we often experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies first! The technical skills we're looking for:

Is the IT industry ageist?

Friday's Channel 4 news featured an item on how the IT industry is discriminating against older workers preferring to select younger workers rather than training current staff.

Research shows that there are 105,000 vacancies in ICT with only 30,000 computer science graduates recorded in 2009/2010 meaning that it will take some time to train up new staff to fill the gap. However, companies still see older workers as a chore and unable to learn new skills.

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