Phpstorm & Drupal presentation from DrupalCamp NW 2013

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What's the point in using an IDE, especially a paid one, for PHP development when there are so many simpler, free tools?

In November 2013 I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to present a session at DrupalCamp NW on why it's time for Drupal developers to be using a proper IDE. The session used JetBrains PhpStorm as an example, but presented the case including other popular IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans as well.

Developer Jokes Worthy Of A Christmas Cracker

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With the Christmas season here and the countdown to our Xmas Comedy Night this year we've collected up our favourite developer orientated jokes worthy of any budget Christmas cracker.

Sage to Xero - A year later

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After using Sage accounts for several years it was nice to finally move to an hosted online accounts system.  

We'd been wanting to do this for a while, but whilst Sage wasn't the perfect fit for us it was still the tool of choice for the majority of accountants.   We migrated to Xero mid 2012, here are some of the benefits we have found after using it for a year:  

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We're NINE Already!

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Today sees Ixis reach the grand old age of nine years old!

Since last year we've grown the team with a lot of new faces, seen a few depart, and taken on some great new client contracts.

New PHP Developer Role

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Join our well established UK team as a web developer.  We build and support interactive sites and applications of all kinds, so every project can offer different challenges and solutions.

You'll be involved with a number of projects at any one time ranging from international brands, enterprise public sector organisations through to charities and media sites. We also run several internal projects which you'll have chance to provide input and development for - this is where we often experiment with new ideas, techniques and technologies first.

The technical skills we're looking for:

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