British Council win RealIT Award 2016 for Infrastructure as an Enabler

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Members of the British Council Digital team were delighted to receive the RITA2016 award last Thursday for the huge change in IT cloud infrastructure that Ixis delivered in the summer of 2015.

When Poor Security Practices Go Bad

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In this blog post I'll discuss some methods of ensuring that your software is kept up to date, and some recent examples of why you should consider security to be among your top priorities instead of viewing it as an inconvenience or hassle.

Critics often attack the stability and security of Open Source due to the frequent releases and updates as projects evolve through constant contributions to their code from the community. They claim that open source requires too many patches to stay secure, and too much maintenance as a result.

ISO Quality Management and Information Security Management Systems

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In line with our constant strive to continually improve, we're on the path to ISO 9001 and 27001 certification.

As a lean, agile, and bureaucracy free outfit we had been quite content in self managing our methods and processes and not being held back with the weight of outdated and bloated standards; we left all that back in the 1990s surely? Then, for a large government body we were working with to migrate away from a traditional dedicated datacentre type setup to a container based bleeding edge type setup, an audit was commissioned to satisfy their own internal security department due to the lack of certification to prove our competence in this area.  

Smashing ITIL

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We welcome Matt Proffitt into the ITIL family since he gained certification in ITIL V3 Foundation, after embarking on a 3 day course offered by theKnowledgeAccademy.

Codeception modules for Drupal acceptance testing

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Over the last couple of years, we have been using Codeception at Ixis for running automated acceptance tests during development work. Over this time we attempted to distil some of the ideas and abstract custom code into Codeception modules, which are all available on GitHub.

Drupal 8: Creating field types with multiple values

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In learning about custom Drupal 8 module development, I found plenty of very simple field module examples, but none that covered how to store more than one value in a field and still have it work properly, so it's time to fix that.

To save you typing or copy and pasting things around all the code in this post is available on Github at


There are three main elements to define when creating a field type:

A first look at Let's Encrypt

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Movements such as HTTPS Everywhere and Google’s initiative to ensure that all search queries and all Gmail actions are secured using HTTPS have challenged the concept that HTTPS is only needed for small sections of sites, such as payment gateways.

Building websites for the blind

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This months Northwest Drupal User Group (NWDUG) in Manchester had a lovely visit from a non developer to talk about how the Internet has changed his life and the challenges of using the Internet as a blind person.

Being blind since he was a child has meant that some activities weren't possible before the Internet became accessible to everyday people - such as reading the news or magazine articles. Now Sunil works with the Internet everyday at his job in the British Red Cross.

Preparing for the arrival of Drupal 8

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After 5 years of hard work and major architectual changes we're pleased to finally hear that a release date has been announced - November 19th 2015.

Drupal 8 is the latest release on the Drupal journey, and one that is substantially more powerful than previous versions.

End of life imminent for Drupal 6

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Launched in 2008 Drupal 6 has served a large base of sites for the past 7 years even with the more recent Drupal 7 launched in 2011.

As a provider of Drupal support and hosting services Ixis still look after a number of clients who are running the latest up to date Drupal 6 codebase. However, with the announcement of Drupal 8 launching on November 19th 2015 this starts the countdown to the end of the extended support policy - which is 3 months after the launch of Drupal 8. The final 3 months will only cover security updates - not functionality or bug fixes.

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