Dashing - An open source Dashboard

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Shopify open sourced Dashing late last year, their Dashboard software created for displaying dashboards on TVs around their office. We decided to see have a play and see what statistics we could show on our office TVs.

Install is simple via gem, although as a non Ruby person I spent more time than I should have installing Ruby 1.9 (from source in the end). Once up the server runs on a port (3030 as standard) and applications can simply send data to the dashboard in a certain format and it is displayed immediately.

Open Atrium

The digital future for third sector organisations

With nearly ten years of social enterprise experience and as a previous manager of a social enterprise digital agency, I know all too well how important it is to deal with limited resources.  

The digital budget at a charity or social enterprise can all too often be dropped to the bottom of the list. But having a good digital presence is essential to tell the story to stakeholders about the organisation and engage with audiences to attract volunteers / donations / or indeed new projects.

Think G Cloud Expo is coming

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Once again, we are putting our weight behind the team at Think G Cloud, sponsoring the forthcoming conference in London.

We will be discussing the transition away from proprietary systems and sharing lessons learned on the benefits of the G Cloud Procurement framework.


We have seen more and more local government departments exploring open source products and we have provided consultancy on how Drupal can meet their businesses digital requirements. Our pocket-sized guide has helped to support procurement, dispel myths and promote the benefits of open source frameworks.


Ixis Host a Business Breakfast Seminar

Ixis are looking forward to hosting their first seminar in collaboration with MLP Solicitors at Wilderspool Business Park on Thursday 16th May 2013 8.30am to 10am.

To kick things off, we have teamed up with local firm MLP Solicitors to deliver a breakfast seminar to help businesses based at Wilderspool.

MLP will present a short presentation on topics including:

Driving Public Sector Confidence in Drupal

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We are about to go back on the road with our Open Source campaign for the Public Sector

Following recent contract wins with the Care Quality Commission and Bristol City Council, we are delighted to be sharing best practise and procurement lessons once more.


We are teaming up with fellow business WunderRoot to create a Drupal Zone at the forthcoming Open Source Open Standards Conference, showcasing the strength of the Community.


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