Webform Block Module released

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Mike C

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With the re-development of the company website recently, part of our visual re-design commanded the need for a site-wide contact form. Drupal already has a mature form building system in the webform module so it seemed logical to re-use the tools for building the form.

Webform Block module provides a mechanism for rending webform created nodes within a block. As with any Drupal blocks, they are free to be positioned in any of the themes defined block regions - providing a very flexible mechanism for your form layout.

The module also takes care of overriding the standard webform redirection caused by form validation, and ensures long pages with a form near the bottom are referenced with an anchor link.

Simple usage instructions are included in the modules README.txt file, and there's not much more thinking required. It should just work!

You can get the latest release from the webform block modules project page on drupal.org