Posts from June 2011

Drupal7Camp YADDP Presentation

At drupal7camp in Leeds I presented about how we develop and deploy our sites using Git and various Drupal tools.

I talked about the pros and cons of using Features and various different tips and tricks that we find really useful when developing.

Here is a copy of my presentation uploaded to Slideshare.

Overall the weekend was a huge success with a good attendance and session list. Thanks to all those involved in making it a great get together!

Gold for Drupalcon London 2011

Ixis are excited to be sponsoring the European 2011 Drupal conference.

Having been a Drupal exclusive business since inception 7 years ago we've seen Drupal evolve from version 4.6 in to the power of Drupal 7.

We've treated previous Drupal Camps and Drupalcon more as a staff training opportunity - especially for staff moving in to the Drupal field full-time. It's been a great success for learning about new ideas, techniques and even for crash courses on existing components we've not yet had chance to play with at the Ixis office. This year will be no different as we take the whole company down to London for a week of mixing with fellow Drupal users and businesses.

The Agency Matrix

Agencies involve a number of distinct roles in the process of building a website or application - from the initial contact of the client right down to the developers who make things happen.

In this great matrix table we get a visual representation of how each department sees the others. Some great images to represent how they see themselves going diagonally from top left to bottom right.

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